Goodwill Ambassador Foundation

Goodwill, the most traditional and valued gift of our civilization.

Goodwill Ambassadors of the World

The Goodwill Ambassadors Foundation caters to and provides services recognizing the development of global and local public figures working in the areas of international cooperation, diplomatic affairs, peacemaking, cultural exchange and the rights of indigenous people. Our online presence reflects sharing news about goodwill ambassadors and periodically our own peers. The project is a fellowship developed by goodwill ambassadors for mutual social and public relations benefits.

Our services are provided as a privilege of lifetime membership with Globcal International which is operated an exclusive cooperative member network.

Goodwill is the greatest asset of a corporation, nation, city or state!

Goodwill is a great personal asset and is the best route to kindness, consideration and reciprocity in a community or on a global scale. Goodwill ambassadors are the people that deliver greeting and makes presents between two unfamiliar parties that are looking for help or a relationship based on their heart, interests and values.

Goodwill Is ...

Goodwill is more than just a word, when we examine it from other cultures it takes on many meanings and concludes with many similarities.

Globcal International has been focused on the development and introduction of the first international membership programs for goodwill ambassadors from organizations other than our own in the formation of the Goodwill Ambassador Foundation, the program was established to foster and promote development to extend and enhance the careers of our members.