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Global Citizenship

Global (Non-State) Citizenship Registry

In 2014 the Goodwill Ambassadors began the development of the Global Citizenship Registry in Sweden; in 2016 the program was merged under a United Nations Partnership promoting the SDGs (Sustainable Development Goals) we are making our status a legal one as non-discriminatory politically neutral movement to promote global values and ethics. Our program is a diverse formation capable of providing benevolent programs affecting the lives of millions.

New Form for 2018-2020

Our (version 3.0) start-up as a cooperative now guarantees offshore personal legal jurisdiction and an international commercial relationship under international law.

The global citizenship program we developed allows membership in Globcal International with a "special consideration" as a global iNGO volunteer registering their personality offshore under international maritime admiralty law to travel to countries where Globcal International has active ambassadors, programs, and projects. Only those holding a valid national passport and are in "good standing" with their state (nation) are eligible for this special pilot global citizenship program, you must also be 18 years old to participate.

Generally we consider a global citizen anyone who is concerned with participation in activities that are necessary within a given society other than (or outside) their native society, but likewise it can also be those implementing global solutions on a local level. We recommend only those who can be objective and open-minded culturally, remain politically neutral and impartial relative to their nationalism, state politics, and religion should apply for this program.

The Global Citizenship Registry  is a non-profit travel benefits, personal safety, and international membership pilot program being administered by Globcal International . Our product the epassport using our special e³ integrity software (open source) creates a very unique personal identification and travel product; it proves who you are, presents your credentials, is machine and electronically readable by international border officials, and is electronically integral protecting your cellphone, mobile computer, your national passport, other personal documents, and your luggage or other personal belongings.

The e³ passport companion is an essential and affordable solution for creating expediency and security in your travel routine.

The documents are available with a myriad of features and will be offered with custom cover styles for different international organizations. We have styles and colors that are suited for any logo or emblem type.

Global citizens under our current working definition are "people with an interest to promote their personal individual human capacity through their goodwill while traveling through volunteering in cooperative projects while abroad." The "global citizenship credential program" will become available as a pilot program to Globcal International, other verified iNGOs, and their members as early as the month of June in 2019 following the Spring conferences. The project will be observed publicly and developed under the guidelines of the United Nations ICAO, the World Customs Organization, INTERPOL, and other international law enforcement organizations.
Applicants will be required to present extensive verification of their identity and their life achievements for this credential, the cost is $749 of which over 2/3rds of this amount is used in the verification, administration, and development of a single archive and credential printing of the "Global Citizen ePassport Companion." The balance is deposited in guaranteed gold reserve emergency cash when you need it.
The credential is an infallible verification tool for customs and border officers all around the world, it also provides special security for yourself as an individual and immediate family. It contains an RFID wireless device and is integral with your phone, tagged luggage, and national passport. It is available with travel insurance and 24 hour emergency fund assistance through Western Union and MoneyGram. 
The registry opens April 22nd on Earth Day 2019, initial applicants begin to sign the registry, the one-time cost is 33 Euros and includes a temporary 'e³-membership code' for your credential once the program develops. Once listed in the registry you will receive the opportunity to purchase your credential when the program becomes public or available to your international non-governmental organization.
All profits and proceeds from e³ credential sales benefit Globcal International Goodwill Ambassadors and their international projects. New global citizen accommodations and international partnerships are being developed.
e-Passport Companion Features
To enroll in the project connect to the new website for 2020, here now. You can complete the forms and begin the process now of establishing your own identity as a non-state (global) citizen by registering your name in the Global Citizenship Registry.